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Subdomains - August 28th 2011, 21:27 GMT
All sites have now been moved from their old homes, as subdirectories of PunBB-Hosting, to full-fledged subdomains. All existing URLs will continue to work but users will need to log back in to your sites. If you have any questions, please post them in the forum. Enjoy!
Moved again! - March 6th 2011, 04:40 GMT
PunBB-Hosting has migrated to a new host and a new set of servers. This transition means we now have beefier servers that are capable of handling more requests.

Please let me know if the transition has caused any issues! Send an email to smartys punbb-hosting.com or post in the Support forum.

- Smartys
New server! - April 3rd 2010, 03:14 GMT
As you may have noticed, we've moved to a new server (or rather, to new servers). Hopefully this should alleviate some of the issues the site has been having. :-)

Please let me know if the transition has caused any issues! Send an email to smartys at this domain.

- Smartys
MyPunBB Acquired - August 10th 2009, 00:57 GMT
MyPunBB has been acquired by PunBB-Hosting! Welcome to all of our new forum administrators and users. :)

- Smartys
Forums updated - July 13th 2008, 20:15 GMT
The forums have been updated to the newest version of FluxBB (1.2.20). If you're experiencing any issues, please post them in the support forum.

- Smartys

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